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Suuri Kurpitsa, 1994, ISBN 952-9887-03-5, 72 pages, b/w, format 21 x 28,6 cm

This graphic novel about "safe sex suits, buildings that eat people, drunken foetuses with bazookas, money that shits on you, and recyclable bodies" became an instant classic and has so far been published in eleven languages.

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Suuri Kurpitsa

Legendary anthology which on occasion included material by Max Andersson.


Ubu, 2005, 36 pages, b/w and color, 16,5 x 23,5 cm

This beautiful little anthology edited by Hans Nissen includes 3 pages of Johnny Gun in duotone.



Cultural magazine which reprints a Max Andersson story in its special comics issue #2/2001.

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