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Reprodukt, 2012, 256 pages, b/w and color, format 20 cm x 26 cm, ISBN 978-3-941099-32-6

The ultimate collection of Max Andersson’s work in comics to date. Includes "director's cut" versions of the complete three volumes Pixy, Vakuumneger and Döden, all of them previously out of print in Sweden, plus a bonus section of rarities and outtakes, a postscript by the author with sketchbook drawings, photos and more."Pixy" and other works previously published in Germany are here presented in new superb translations from the Swedish by Beatrice Fassbender.


Bosnian Flat Dog
ISBN 3-931377-94-6
Reprodukt, 2004, 88 pages. b/w, format 21,5 cm x 29 cm

A unique collaboration between Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson resulted in this graphic novel-length piece of surreal comics journalism, erasing and re-drawing the borders between dream and reality to form a tale both sincere and fantastic. Each of them contributed to every single drawing to the extent that they no longer can tell themselves just who did what. This has led to the emergence of an independent artistic entity, one who is neither of the two, but something else, unknown yet strangely familiar and perhaps a tiny bit scary. The story is based on true events.

This book edition also contains an extensive illustrated glossary, a preface by Stefan Skledar and detailed maps of ex-Yugoslavia like you never saw it before (and never will again).

"This is a damned compelling book if you want a read that will wake you up and not lull you to sleep."
Win Wiaciek, Now Read This!


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Jochen Enterprises, 1995, ISBN 3-930486-11-3, 72 pages, b/w, format 23 x 32 cm

This classic graphic novel about "safe sex suits, buildings that eat people, drunken foetuses with bazookas, money that shits on you, and recyclable bodies" has so far been published in eleven languages.

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Container #1
Jochen Enterprises, 1996, ISBN 3-930486-20-2, 32 pages, b/w, format 16,5 x 23,5 cm

The first issue of Max Anderssons German-language comic book collects mostly Car-Boy material, plus the early short story "Containers". Luxurious 5-color (4 + silver) Car-Boy cover.

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Container #2
Jochen Enterprises, 1997 ISBN 3-930486-34-2, 32 pages, b/w, format 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Includes Death, Santa Claus , Johnny Gun and more. Two-color inside cover pages.

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Container #3
Jochen Enterprises, 1999 ISBN 3-930486-58-X, 32 pages, b/w, format 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Includes Car-Boy, Wreck-Boy and Noisebusters. Extra production values: Two-color inside covers with lots of brand new Car-Kid characters.

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Jochen Enterprises, 1998, 24 pages, b/w, format 10 x 10 cm

Mini-comic presenting four very short and violent stories.



Plaque 01

ISBN 3-9807725-3-5
avant-verlag, 2002, 300 pages, b/w and color, format 17 x 24 cm

The first issue of this anthology, combining comics and texts in the manner of “Mano” and “Black”, presents Die Ausgrabung – the first chapter of Max Anderssons The Excavation in German.



Stories and drawings by Max Andersson appear in the issues 38, 44, 71 and 87 of this long-lived Swiss anthology.


Hanswursts Hochzeit (nach Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Bilderberg, 2019, 160 pages, b/W, 12 x 18,5 cm

Comics adaption of the first play written by Goethe. Collaborative project by the members of the Bilderberg Konferenz Berlin.


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