Gallery / Spende Zeit (Donate Time)


The installation Spende Zeit was first created in 1997 as part of a group exhibition in an
empty dancehall in the middle of Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. It consists of two
basic parts, the waiting-room and the time-donation clinic. Visitors are encouraged to
enter the clinic, lay or sit down on the bed and, after connecting themselves to the
time-collecting machine on the table next to it, donate as much time as they want.
Donating time can be done by one person at a time or in groups of two or more people,
but solitude is recommended. The first exhibition lasted for one month, and during this
period more than six hours of pure time was collected by the clinic.

The Spende Zeit clinic has since then been re-created five times, in a former electrical
supplies store in Berlin-Mitte (1999), in an ex-butcher's shop in Oberschöneweide (1999), in the Town Hall of Lund, Sweden (2001), in
Ljubljana, Slovenia (2002) and in Stockholm (2005).

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