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Pixy is an aborted foetus who lives together with his foetus friends in the old decayed city center of the Kingdom of the Dead. Their main activities involve hard drinking, drug abuse, playing with bazookas, killing money and burning houses. They receive support by the government as long as they don't leave this partof the city, where no one dares to go anyway.

Pixy and his pals are completely amoral, or non-moral, beings. They can't die, they have no concept of anything but their own desires and they carry out every impulse immediately - in one word, they're happy. Sometimes, when they're drunk, they make prank telephone calls to the living, terrorizing them for fun. This happens to the young couple Alka and Angina, who, being told by Pixy that they are in fact his would-be mother and father, are forced to read bed-time stories over the phone all night long. Setting out to search for Pixy and kill him once and for all, Alka soon finds himself trapped in a circle of events way beyond control.

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